Why eCommerce Analytics?

Ecommerce analytics equips online sellers with the essential insights required for informed decision-making.

In the competitive online marketplace, businesses that strategically utilize their data secure a definitive and enduring competitive edge.

Understanding customer behavior, sales trends, and market dynamics enables sellers to refine their strategies, aligning with demand, minimizing costs, and boosting operational efficiency.



Leverage detailed analytics to pinpoint and act on direct paths to increased earnings.



Discover latent opportunities within your data, offering clear directions for scalable growth.



Utilize comprehensive analytics to highlight significant trends, guiding your business decisions.



Connect with your audience, improve loyalty and retention through insights into customer behavior.

Deliverables That Drive Results

Our eCommerce Analytics suite delivers customized insights to fuel growth, foster loyalty, and enhance profitability, addressing your business's unique needs and challenges.

Sales Trend Insights
Uncover patterns and trends in your sales data to optimize pricing, promotions, and product offerings.
Web & Conversion Insights
Analyze the performance of your website or app to improve user experience, enhance conversion rates, and increase return on investment.
Customer Segmentation
Identify and understand key customer segments to tailor marketing efforts and personalize customer experiences.
Customer Loyalty Insights
Deep dive into customer lifetime value, retention rates, and loyalty drivers to build lasting relationships.
Revenue Attribution
Determine the most effective marketing channels and activities in driving revenue to allocate budgets efficiently. .
Focus on the most profitable aspects of your business to ensure sustainable growth and success.
Our Collaborative Approach
At the core of our service is a partnership ethos, ensuring we're with you at every stage of your eCommerce journey. Our process is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your business, providing targeted analytics solutions from inception through to continuous growth.
Strategic Partnership
Our journey together starts with a deep dive into your business goals and challenges. This foundational stage establishes us as your analytics partner, committed to crafting solutions that resonate with your unique business landscape.
Solution Crafting
With a clear understanding of your objectives, we move to develop bespoke analytics strategies. This phase is focused on implementing robust tools and methodologies tailored to provide insights that drive decision-making and growth.
Sustained Support
Our commitment to your success extends beyond project completion. We offer ongoing support and advisory services to help you navigate the dynamic analytics landscape, ensuring your analytical capabilities remains a cornerstone of your strategic toolkit.
Iterative Enhancement
Delivering our initial solution marks the beginning of a cycle of enhancement and fine-tuning. Through active engagement and feedback, we refine our approach, ensuring our analytics solutions are perfectly aligned with your evolving business needs.

Leading brands trust Plytrix with their data.

"Plytrix has been an invaluable partner for our e-commerce business. As a result, we are able to more easily uncover insights on our customer's behaviors and confidently make decisions."
Divyan Selvadurai
Earth Rated - Co-Founder
"Plytrix partnered with us to develop an effective Media Mix Model which has unlocked valuable insights into the performance of our marketing channels, revealing their influence on sales and foot traffic."
Drew Addington
Slumberland - VP of Marketing
Plytrix followed through on commitments, met (and beat) deadlines, documented everything, and delivered a well-thought out and beautifully executed product— whether it be code or dashboards."
Felicia Levy
Unison - Director of Analytics
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