Strategic Insights for Fast-Growing eCommerce Brands

The eComm Boost Blueprint leverages Plytrix’s years of experience to offer a refined, data-driven method for identifying incremental revenue opportunities. 

The eComm Boost Blueprint focuses on optimizing sales, enhancing customer loyalty, and improving marketing efficiency.

Plytrix equips businesses to confidently navigate eCommerce challenges, ensuring strategies are grounded in solid analytics for sustained growth.



Move from guesswork to strategy with clear, actionable insights.



Benchmark your performance against the industry to identify where you can lead.



Pinpoint precise areas for investment and improvement to maximize revenue and profitability.



Allocate resources more effectively by understanding the true impact of your marketing and sales strategies.

What you’ll get

Within a two-week timeframe, Plytrix will transform complex data into a clear, actionable assessment that highlights revenue opportunities and outlines a path for growth. This deliverable is divided into three critical components, each crafted to provide you with a granular understanding of your business's performance and untapped potential.

The eComm Boost Blueprint is designed to equip you with the insights necessary for crafting a data-driven strategy to propel your ecommerce business forward. With Plytrix Analytics, you receive not just data, but a strategic partner dedicated to the growth of your business.

"Plytrix has been an invaluable partner for our e-commerce business. As a result, we are able to more easily uncover insights on our customer's behaviors and confidently make decisions."
Divyan Selvadurai
Earth Rated - Co-Founder
Sales Patterns Insights
Gain a detailed insight into your sales trends, including seasonality, day of week, and time of day usage. By comparing these patterns against industry benchmarks, we help you identify strategic opportunities to enhance your sales performance.
Customer Loyalty Insights
Centered on Lifetime Value (LTV) and its key drivers, this section benchmarks your retention strategies against the competition. It analyzes key factors affecting LTV, providing a basis for strategies that enhance customer value and loyalty.
Cohort Value Insights
Focusing on the relationship between Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV) within customer cohorts, including cohort payback periods, this analysis offers strategic guidance to optimize marketing spend, enhance ROI, and improve customer acquisition.

Our process

Transform your eCommerce data into a Strategic Asset

Embark on a transformative journey with Plytrix Analytics. Our streamlined two-week process is designed to quickly turn your ecommerce data into actionable insights. Here's how we unlock the potential of your business, step by step:

Week 1: Setting the Foundation
Kickoff Meeting

We start with a comprehensive discussion to understand your goals, challenges, and specific needs. This session ensures we are aligned on objectives and outcomes.

Data Access and Gathering

With your collaboration, we secure access to the necessary data, setting the stage for our in-depth analysis. This phase is critical for gathering the insights to fuel your growth.

Initial Analysis / Data Munging

Our experts begin the meticulous process of cleaning and preparing your data. This step is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our analysis.

Week 2: Refining and Delivering Insights
Mid-way Touchpoint

A check-in meeting allows us to address any questions and refine our analysis based on your feedback. This touchpoint ensures our work remains closely aligned with your strategic priorities.

Tweaks / Finalization

Leveraging insights from the midway touchpoint, we finalize our analysis, incorporating any last-minute adjustments to ensure the findings are as impactful as possible to you.

Final Presentation

We present the eComm Boost Blueprint, a comprehensive report filled with actionable insights and strategic recommendations designed to propel your ecommerce business forward.

Leading brands trust Plytrix with their data.

"Plytrix has been an invaluable partner for our e-commerce business. As a result, we are able to more easily uncover insights on our customer's behaviors and confidently make decisions."
Divyan Selvadurai
Earth Rated - Co-Founder
"Plytrix partnered with us to develop an effective Media Mix Model which has unlocked valuable insights into the performance of our marketing channels, revealing their influence on sales and foot traffic."
Drew Addington
Slumberland - VP of Marketing
Plytrix followed through on commitments, met (and beat) deadlines, documented everything, and delivered a well-thought out and beautifully executed product— whether it be code or dashboards."
Felicia Levy
Unison - Director of Analytics
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