Klaviyo Data Science Podcast EP 16 | Using Data Science to Answer Tough Questions (feat. Plytrix)

Welcome back to the Klaviyo Data Science podcast! This episode, we dive into…

Shane Suazo
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Welcome back to the Klaviyo Data Science podcast! This episode, we dive into…

Solving difficult problems with data science

This month, we talk with Shane Suazo, the founder of Plytrix Analytics, about using data science to drive efficient business growth. Shane and Plytrix work with Vital Proteins, and we dive deep into their story and highlight the places where using specific — and powerful — data science techniques helped accelerate a growth opportunity into a growth story. You’ll hear about all that and more, including:

  • Establishing a single source of truth as a foundation for advanced analyses
  • Preventing churn with minimal cost
  • The most important advice for translating general data science techniques to the reality of a specific business

“It’s enabled Vital Proteins to send more timely messages with more relevant offers — offers that are better-tailored to our high-value customers specifically.”
— Shane Suazo, Plytrix


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